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Windshield Replacement
Cleveland, TN

Each windshield we replace comes backed with a lifetime guarantee against air or water leaks. Free mobile windshield installations are available to all of Bradley County. If your windshield has a long crack or multiple cracks and damage, it's time to replace it.

Auto Glass Repair
Cleveland, TN

Car windows will need repaired or replaced for all kinds of reasons. Sometimes it's a total accident and other times it is caused by vandalism or theft. Whatever your situation may be, the technicians we dispatch will quickly and professionally repair your auto glass.

Windshield Repair
Cleveland, TN

In certain circumstances, your windshield will only need to have a rock chip repaired. If the damage to your glass the size of a quarter or smaller, our skilled Windshield Repair Guy will fill the damaged area and prevent the damage from spreading any further.
Lifetime Warranty - No Air Or Water Leaks
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$69 Windshield Repair in Cleveland, TN

Can Your Windshield Be Repaired?

When it comes to auto glass replacement and repair, our windshield may often cause us the greatest problems. A car burglary or vandalism may result in a broken or cracked side window. Worst case scenario, the offending hole can be temporarily “fixed” with plastic and tape. Windshields that are cracked or broken can endanger vehicle occupants by inhibiting the driver’s vision, and they require considerably more attention. They are also an essential part of your total vehicle safety, protecting automobile passengers from the elements and other road debris, as well as extra support for your roof during a roll-over.   

There is often the possibility that your car or truck’s windshield can be repaired. Your windshield is made from two pieces of tempered glass laminated together with a sheet of adhesive vinyl in between. This type of automotive glass is known as safety glass and has been specially designed from materials that ensure it will not shatter should it impact with an object. Legislation in Cleveland, TN, is in place to ensure that a windshield must be designed to remain in one piece even in the event of a serious accident.

It All Started With A Rock Chip….

Often a minor accident can result in small chips in the windshield, or on other pieces of auto glass. Flying gravel and debris are common on Cleveland roads, and one hitting your windshield at high speed is another frequent cause of chipped auto glass. If they are small, and you take action early, you may be able to prevent them from developing into cracks. Our $69 mobile windshield repair service will ensure the crack in your windshield will not continue to grow. Although not recommended, DIY kits are available at hardware and automotive supply stores, like O’Reilly’s on Keith St. in Cleveland for around $15-20. Results with these do-it-yourself kits will vary depending on many variables and are not at all on par with a professional windshield repair kit which cost $600 or more. If you attempt a windshield repair yourself and it doesn't take well, there is no other alternative besides a full windshield replacement. 

So One Day The Chip In Your Windshield Becomes A Crack

You slide behind the wheel one morning and discover that what was once a barely noticeable chip in your windshield has morphed into a very visible crack. Depending on the position and size of the crack, it may or may not be fixable. A large crack on the driver’s side of the windshield is more than a small annoyance. It may reduce the driver’s visibility and pose a safety issue.

If that is not the case, it may be possible to fill the crack with an injectable resin. This is usually best performed by a professional as it is important that the resin set fully and properly to be 100% effective.  Again, many glass repair shops may not offer a guarantee on crack repair. However, it is still a whole lot cheaper than replacing the entire windshield and small repairs can often be done in under an hour.

Time to Admit Defeat

Are there multiple, deep cracks on your windshield that continue to spread? Is there damage on the outside and the inside of your windshield? If your visibility is affected or if you have any concerns over your windshield (and thus your vehicle) safety you may need to bite the bullet and get the glass replaced. This involves cutting out the damaged glass and replacing it with an entirely new part. It is not exactly cheap, but it can be done fairly quickly. Be aware that there is a minimum required time to wait after the new windshield has been installed to ensure it has bonded properly to the car’s frame. Under normal circumstances, your vehicle will need to sit for at least an hour before driving. 

Safe driving!

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