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Windshield Replacement
Dalton, GA

We provide windshield replacement service to all of Dalton, Ga. Our Lifetime Warranty guaratees that if your windshield were to ever leak air or water, we will come back out and fix it for free. Although leaks are rare, we make sure that if they do happen it's promptly taken care of. Call us today for a Free Windshield Replacement Quote.

Auto Glass Repair
Dalton, GA

Whether your auto glass has been vandalized or burglarized, we understand how important it is to have your vehicle re-secured. Having a car window open to the weather is also asking for trouble. Bad weather can be devastating to a vehicle's interior, potentially causing even more expensive damage than auto glass repair. We dispatch to your location to replace your auto glass.

Windshield Repair
Dalton, GA

If you catch a small crack in your windshield in time, in most cases it can be repaired. We can perform a rock chip repair as long as the damage hasn't grown past the size of a quarter. Our $69 Windshield Repair Service is a cost effective way of stopping further damage to your glass without having to replace it. Don't wait until it's too late and the damage has already begun to spread.
Lifetime Warranty - No Air Or Water Leaks
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$69 Windshield Repair in Cleveland, TN

How Do I Know If My Windshield Needs Replaced?

For most people in Whitfield County, a crack or other damage to their windshield or auto glass is something new. That being said, it is something that many people will have to deal with at some point or another if they own a car or truck. The usual culprit when it comes to needing a windshield repair or replacement is rocks or other debris kicked up from vehicles in front of you. Auto glass replacement on the other hand is most likely due to vandalism or vehicle burglaries, but accidents due occur. It is important to remember that when you are dealing with a windshield, timeliness is key. The sooner you take care of a small chip or crack, the less money and time it will end up costing you. Generally speaking, any damage that is smaller than the size of a quarter can be repaired using a specialized resin. Any damage larger than this is going to need repaired. Some companies will repair longer cracks, but the cost is substantially more than a mere rock chip repair in Dalton, Ga.

windshield repair Dalton GAAuto Glass Chattanooga provides free mobile service on any windshield repair in Dalton, GA. If the only damage to your windshield is a small chip or crack, it can easily be repaired by one of our technicians. They will travel to your vehicle's location and have the rock chip repaired in 30 minutes or less. If the crack has already begun to spread, our windshield replacement professionals are able to replace a glass in about an hour. By traveling to you for the auto glass repair or replacement, you'll save time, money and gas compared to what other companies charge.

I Woke Up To A Busted Car Window

If it hasn't happened to you, you probably know someone who has had their car or truck broken into. Some of the worst cases is when something irreplaceable was stolen. Other times we've heard of thieves that didn't even check to see if the doors were unlocked and busted the car's glass anyway, adding even more expense to the already stolen items. Either scenario will make you sick to your stomach and the last thing you want is a hassle getting the glass replaced. We make it a simple process. If you have the year, make and model of your vehicle, along with the part that needs replaced, we can quote you right over the phone. In some cases we can even dispatch an installer the same day to take care of your broken car window for you.

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