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Windshield Repair VS Replacement


Windshield Repair VS Replacement

February 23, 2014 @ 4:21 am
by autoglasschatt
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Factors To Consider To Make The Right Decision

Car windshields play a major role in keeping you safe while using a vehicle. In fact, they serve as your main protection against rocks, pebbles, hailstones, and other substances that you might come across upon while driving. This important function makes them prone to cracks and all sorts of damages leaving car owners like you in a very hard position. You will have to decide whether to replace your windshield or only have the small damage repaired.


Before you come up with a final decision in the windshield repair vs replacement issue, it’s important for you to know that majority of small cracks and chips that windshields can accumulate overtime are repairable. But then again, a serious crack that completely affects the overall form of the vehicle is beyond repair and can only be solved through replacement. Though this type of damage can be temporarily mended, it can threaten you and your family’s safety while using the vehicle and might eventually cause your windshield to be completely damaged at the time when you least expect it.


Despite the enticing benefits of replacing a broken windshield, many car owners still prefer the repair option as it is much more economical. Buying a new windshield plus the installation cost is far more expensive than a windshield repair. Nevertheless, a professional windshield repair technician should carefully assess the situation before coming up with a conclusion on what move is best for you to take in dealing with a damaged car windshield.


Among the most important factors to ponder about regarding this dilemma is the crack’s location. You’re unfortunate if the crack is found close to the windshield’s edge. With this orientation, the crack is most likely to spread out in no time due to constant vibration and timbre. If this is the case, a windshield replacement is the best path to take.


The size of the crack must also be considered. You don’t need to worry about spending so much for a windshield replacement if the crack’s length is smaller than a quarter. These short cracks are very easy to manage and can be fixed by a professional and experienced car window repair technician in no time. The process can totally restore your windshield like brand new!


Lastly, never disregard temperature as it can greatly affect the growth of a crack. Extreme cold or heat tends to intensify a crack’s development and can damage your windshield beyond repair if left untreated. Don’t be carefree just because the crack you recently noticed is small. It can quickly turn into a very big problem especially if you often drive under intense weather or along bumpy roads. We offer quality windshield repair services to have your windshield repaired before it’s too late.

By Simon Carter

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