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Windshield Repair and How It Works


Windshield Repair and How It Works

July 12, 2014 @ 2:46 am
by autoglasschatt
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What Is A Windshield Made Of?

A windshield, also known as a windscreen, refers to the front window of a car, bus, motorbike or aircraft. A modern windshield is made of a special safety glass which is essentially two layers of glass with a plastic sheet between them. A little chip to any windshield can affect visibility and the safety of the driver. Just a small fragment out of the glass can crack to an extent that it compromises your view of the road. Rather than a replacement of the entire windshield, a repair of the chip can save on both the cost and shelf-life of the glass. As long as the chip does not affect the drivers viewing area, it can be repaired.

How The Repair Process Works

Windshield repair, is a procedural activity that is meant to strengthen the windscreen and restore clear visibility. An effective repair will improve visibility to an extent of 80-90% but this depends on the size of the original rock chip. The process involves removal of air from the damaged spot and the gap is replaced by a glass resin of very high quality.
Resin is the bonding agent, and it is injected into the crack through the vacuum process. It is best done by a trained technician, who will drill into the chip, where vacuum pressure is to be applied before injecting the resin. Any resin used in the repair must be fully compatible with the windshield glass so that it bonds the two glass sheets together.
After injection of resin, ultraviolet light is used in curing the glass by hardening the resin. It is important to clear any extra resin and clean the glass for clear visibility. This completes the simple process of windscreen repair; hence the crack will not spread further.
It is important to note that windshield repairs will not completely heal the chip spot but rather, there may be a small blemish depending on severity of the damage. It is also possible that the chip will spread in the process of repair, a reason why the process should be carried out by an experienced windshield repair technician to reduce possibilities of complete replacement.

Windshield Repair Tips

Windshield repairs are meant for structural purposes and to re-strengthen the glass, but cannot gaurantee aesthetics. It is essential to consider a chip repair immediately after itoccurs. This yields good results because by then the glass will not have accumulated dirt and moisture. One important activity you should undertake to improve the quality of the windshield after repair is to cover the chipped area immediately using a clear tape so that it remains dry and clean. Similarly, try to avoid any car wash and even extreme temperatures until the cheap is treated because such conditions will only spread the cracks further.
The repair process takes nearly half an hour, and the best part is that it does not affect any factory seals of the glass. Some of the chip repairs that can be performed without removal of the glass include linear cracks, circular cracks and even breaks that are star-shaped.
Conclusively, windshield chip repairs are in place for safety, and can go a long way in protecting and improving quality of the glass as long as the process is done professionally and in a timely manner.


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